Materials used in VAKUUM PRAHA  

•aluminium alloy
•stainless  steel  (AISI:  304,  304L,  321, 316, 316L)
•and other vacuum compatible materials

  Technology used in VAKUUM PRAHA  

• machining (lathe-turning, milling, grinding)
• welding (argon arc TIG, electron beam - EB)
• wet abrasive cleaning with glass balls
• chemical cleaning for UHV applications
• vacuum-thermal processing

Mechanical workshop

TIG welding

Chemical cleaning

EB welding

  Quality management in VAKUUM PRAHA  
Coordinate measuring

Bridge coordinate measuring machine Mitutoyo CRYSTA PLUS-M 7106 

Leak detection


Vacuum components and systems are produced in accordance with the latest vacuum technologies.
The environmentally friendly cleaning procedures are used. 
An exceptional emphasis is given to the quality management.